Uncover the true potential of your building with Building Clarity

Transforming buildings into Smart Assets by connecting Building Performance to Business Results

Why do we do what we do?

Every building has a purpose, but aging portfolios, shrinking budgets and a rising talent gap in the building services sector are just a few of the growing list of challenges building owners face in uncovering the true potential of their buildings.

What do we do?

We combine building service resources, domain knowledge and advanced analytical tools to leverage people, talents, productivity and tie building performance to business results. We provide the best Care for the buildings through our Connected "Smart Building" platform. This platform enables you to Control your budgets and your organization’s future.

How do we do it?

Our service delivery model for the “Building Internet of Things” is based on the convergence of Data, Analytics and Action. It all starts with the connection, which allows data to be pumped out of buildings for running it through a powerful analytics platform and providing actionable intelligence. The last step is action – a Hi Tech and Hi Touch approach to servicing your facilities.


Transform Your Buildings

In today’s world a new type of building standard is being set by providing information that is more accurate, useful and more aligned with the priorities of property owners and managers. Through the use of The Internet of Things and advanced analytics buildings have improved and become more efficient. The Building Clarity services and solutions accelerate building transformations resulting in better operational systems to deliver an enhanced user experience for building managers and tenants while lowering costs for building owners. It ensures buildings can now be “SMART” buildings.

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Our Services

Measure, evaluate and improve your buildings performance for better and faster results. Get help in real time. Lower your building’s energy usage, a benefit and true value of the Building Clarity provided services and solutions. Building Clarity has developed a technology platform based on Data, Analytics and Action to assist with improved building management and operation. Our Global Service Delivery Model allows for the highest level of CARE, the best way to CONNECT, and innovative ways to CONTROL your building.

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Building Clarity has created an extensive partner ecosystem to deliver the most complete building intelligence solution for customers across a wide variety of industries, geographies, and technologies. We are excited to continue to see this ecosystem grow and increase the value to our customers.

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Building Analytics allows you to do more than identify facility issues. You can now pinpoint which systems and equipment have irregularities, with prioritization based on energy cost, severity, and comfort impact. You will have the assurance to completely understand why building issues are happening and how to remedy these situations. Automated diagnostics provided by The Internet of Things will not only identify problem conditions, but also guide resolution through suggested actions. You will have Building Clarity.




At Building Clarity, we believe that training is the key to personal and professional growth. In order to develop emerging leaders and to keep them knowledgeable of information coming from the ever-changing Smart Building industry, we created a world class training program with the best content and quality training available.